First & Second Year Theory Examination commences on 27-01-2024.
Third & Fourth Year classes commences on 22-01-2024.


An Association Inauguration and the Science Expo – “Dhaanish Tech Vox 2021” was  held in Dhaanish Ahmed Institute of Technology, Coimbatore on 31st December, 2021. The HOD of Science and Humanities proudly announced the committee members of the Association and delivered her address in an excellent way by explaining the motto of the Inauguration. The office bearers swearing was followed by the principal address of Dr. K. G. Parthiban. He insisted that youth should inculcate creative ideas to become a good engineer and motivated the students, in particular the committee members of the association to do the innovations.  The resource person Dr. V. S. Saravanan, Vice president of Indo shell Cast Pvt Ltd.  He underscored the growing needs of Engineering and pinpointed several instances in his experience and motivated the young minds.

In this Science Expo many projects were exhibited and it was a synergy of the youth creativity and talent quotient. It was a hustle bustle affair with gamut of events rolled to test talent and mental ability and logical thinking . Various projects were presented by the participants from various domains like , CSE,  BME, AI&DS, FOOD TECH & RA and  the presentation is reviewed by the panel of experts.

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