Classes for Higher Semester commences on 24-07-2023.
Theory Examinations for Second Semesters commences on 21-08-2023.
Dhaanish Avenue, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Best Artificial Intelligence Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore


The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is fully equipped with high quality laboratories. As one of the best artificial intelligence colleges in Coimbatore, Our  Department consists of dedicated and highly qualified faculty members. The laboratories are updated with highly configured systems and recent Technological software, which enables them to provide quality education. Students are motivated to participate in competitive events, National and International Conferences that are conducted by various organisations and educational Institutions. Students also visit Industries to gain practical knowledge on application of the technologies they learn as part of their course curriculum. Our Department Staff and Students are members in various Associations. We conduct several Faculty Development Programs (FDP), Guest Lecturers and Symposium for the benefit of students and staff related to the subjects with the new and emerging concepts by the experts in that area. We are proud to say that we are one of the best artificial intelligence engineering colleges in Coimbatore.


As a leading artificial intelligence engineering college in Coimbatore, our vision is to be a Centre of excellence in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


  • To provide a conducive learning environment for quality education in the field of AI & DS.
  • To pursue industry institute interaction and promote collaborative research activities.
  • To empower the students with ethical values and social responsibilities in their profession
  • To provide exposure to the latest software tools for research based projects/ activities.

placement opportunities

The Artificial Intelligence & Data Science(AI&DS) program prepares for a wide range of engineering study and career options, including becoming an Data Scientist ,Business Analyst, Technology Officer, Data Analyst , Machine Learning Architect ,Artificial Intelligence Engineer ,Webmaster & Technocraft. There are also good opportunities in becoming Teaching Professionals, Research Scholars, etc in Government and Self Financing Institutions on completion of M.E./M.Tech & Ph.D. in various relevant areas.


Name of the Association: ARTIOTZ


  • The association aims to conduct meetings, discussions, seminars, workshops, presentations, and quizez.

  • To conduct technical events that can improve the skill sets and subject knowledge of the students in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

  • To create a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation amongst the students of different classes in the department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

  • To encourage and bring the members of the association to one platform where they develop the sense of responsibility among others.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer designs and develops AI-based systems and applications using machine learning algorithms and other AI techniques. They also analyze and improve the performance of existing AI systems, implement new AI models, and work with data scientists to develop new algorithms and tools.

To get admission to Coimbatore’s best AI engineering college, candidates should meet the eligibility criteria, including academic qualifications and entrance exam scores. You can apply for admission online or offline and must follow the admission process as per the college guidelines.

Yes, Dhaanish Engineering College in Coimbatore offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in AI engineering.

When choosing the best AI engineering college in Coimbatore, consider factors such as accreditation, faculty expertise, curriculum, industry partnerships, research opportunities, campus facilities, student support services, and placement opportunities.

AI engineering is a promising career with high demand and good salary prospects. With the rapid growth of AI technology and its increasing applications in various fields, the demand for skilled AI engineers is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Dhaanish Ahmed College Of Engineering is one of Coimbatore’s best Artificial Intelligence engineering colleges..

Choosing AI engineering as a career offers various opportunities in various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and e-commerce. It allows individuals to work on exciting projects and cutting-edge technology, positively impacting society and improving the quality of life.