First & Second Year Theory Examination commences on 27-01-2024.
Third & Fourth Year classes commences on 22-01-2024.


Mr. M. Kadar Shah


Our secretary Mr. M.Kadarshah, is a visionary person who is very compassionate and modest to associate with, he is undeterred in his conviction to execute nothing but the best. The lush green environment, the expansive buildings, the well-equipped laboratories and the unparalleled discipline of the students bear testimony to his own unique style of management.

People of different cultures from all parts of INDIA have been visiting us. It is because; our motivation is always to remain at the core of learning and teaching. It is a pleasure to notice that DAIT presents a cosmopolitan culture. Students from a wide variety of social, cultural and geographical backgrounds live and study together at DAIT. The students are shaped and fine tuned as per the requirements of global industries. The eco-friendly Green Campus is equipped with all facilities, where every need of both student and faculty has been provided for the best individual development.

The pride of DAIT is its Computing Centre, IMPRES software, which updates students’ progress and every day attendance, sophisticated labs, well-furnished class rooms and Wi-Fi internet facilities. Sports and extracurricular activity lovers will enjoy, as there are many opportunities inside and outside the campus to show their talents. The strength of DAIT is attributed to the commitment and determination of the distinguished and committed educators and dedicated students that nurture the engineers for the future. I hope you enjoy being one among us.