Classes for Higher Semester commences on 24-07-2023.
Theory Examinations for Second Semesters commences on 21-08-2023.
Dhaanish Avenue, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore


The council members met and discussed about the objective of IIC, type of activities (IIC Calendar and Self-Driven), features of IIC Portal for monthly report submission mechanism. The council members also discussed about collaborations with organizations to accelerate the activities of IIC. The council also deliberated on quarterly action plan in synchronization with activities and initiatives of other departments, centres and facilities in the Institute working towards promoting IPR, Innovation and start up. The council unanimously decided  to carry out all the IIC activities in regular basis throughout the year and meet regularly in beginning of every quarter to review the progress made in previous quarter and also to plan for upcoming quarter. The council has agreed to convene next meeting on 01-02-2022.