First & Second Year Theory Examination commences on 27-01-2024.
Third & Fourth Year classes commences on 22-01-2024.




  1. Published a paper titled “SMART PILL ASSISTANCE FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE”, Vinothini K1, Abdul basith C2, Nabeel M3, Sooryanarayana Rao AB4, Selvamurugan C5, Vol.7, Issue.4, April 2021,  International Journal of Advanced Research in Basic Engineering Sciences and Technology (IJARBEST)
  2. Published a paper titled “IoT BASED COMATOSE PATIENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM USING ARDUINO”, Anandu E.A1, Ansaf Naseer2, Mohammed Rashad N.K3, Dr.A.Kingsly Jabakumar4, Dr.C.Selvamurugan, Vol. 7, Issue 4, April 2021, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management, Architecture, Technology and Engineering (IJARMATE)