Classes for Higher Semester commences on 07-03-2022 -Conventional Mode
Dhaanish Avenue, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between AICRA (All India Council for Automation and Robotics) and DAIT on 14.02.2022 at the Principal’s office. Mr.K.A Akbar Basha, Director and Dr.K.G Parthiban, Principal, were the signatories.

AICRA’s relentless pursuit has been to constantly support the Robotics & Automation industry, providing support systems to institutions such as quality assurance, information systems and train-the-trainer (TTT) academies either directly or through partnerships. To strengthen supplementary skill development, AICRA focuses on fostering private sector led efforts that include both non-profit and for-profit initiatives with the goal of building models that are scalable.

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