First & Second Year Theory Examination commences on 27-01-2024.
Third & Fourth Year classes commences on 22-01-2024.



Hostel is an integral part of the college campus.

DAIT has Separate A/C and Non-A/C residence for girls and boys with highly conducive amenities for pleasant living. Excellent hostel facilities ensure free cross ventilation and hygienic environment surrounded by lush green lawns. The hostel has extravagant facilities yet they give homely feeling to the students. Hence it can be called home away from the home. Both the Hostels are also equipped with Sports courts and Indoor Games facilities. Caring wardens and tight security ensures a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on their studies. The students share their room with their peers, which give them an opportunity to develop their skills as well as contacts and also serve to enhance their abilities during the course. Regular medical checkups and health classes are arranged to keep the students fit. The college also has its own Ambulance facility and is provided in case of any extreme emergencies.

A few open-air hostel programs are also conducted that delivers the best in students and creates a memorable event during the stay at Dhaanish Accommodation.


Each hostel has its own Mess Dining, where breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served for the students. Spacious, hygienic and well-furnished dining halls are functioning within the premises so that all students can take pleasure in their foods together. A variety of food is made available to quench the desires of the residential staff and the students. Great care is taken by the kitchen staff to prepare a wellbalanced nutritious and tasty hygiene food to stimulate the students’ quest. Students enjoy their food in the aesthetic and appetizing atmosphere at the Hostels. Hygienic, scrumptious and nutritious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods are provided.

Mineral Water for drinking through the Inhouse Reverse Osmosis Plant with the capacity of 500 litres/hour. The mineral water is available round the clock. Food items in the kitchen are prepared using RO treated water to ensures the good health and hygiene of the wards and residents.

Special care is given to the menu for the students who are suffering from illness and Hot water is provided whenever necessary.


Sportsman spirit works like a magic in life. Dhaanish Accommodations provide well equipped Sports facilities to the residents of Boys and Girls hostels. Each hostel has its own separate playgrounds and courts for both indoor and outdoor games. It is very important to nurture healthy competitions and team spirit in students’ day-to-day life. Therefore the college encourage students to participate in various indoor and outdoor games. The college excels in inculcating and ethos in the students by providing excellent infrastructure for sports. The specialised sports wing includes intensive training by the instructors to enable students to enjoy sports.

DIAT has a well-equipped Sports Suite to cater the needs of aspiring sports persons. The campus is equipped with various outdoor games such as Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Volley-ball, Throw ball, Hand ball, Ball Badminton, Fencing and indoor games such as Tabble Tennis, Badminton, etc. Sports inculcate the spirit of harmony, brotherhood and togetherness across various sections of people regardless of boundaries. Our students have participated in various Inter–Collegiate and University competitions at various levels. Many of our students have done us proud by securing a place in zonal and national level University and Intercollegiate events. Team DAIT has also participated and won in various sporting events organized by other colleges and universities.

Health plays an important role in personality development.


Dhaanish Ahmed Institute of Technology has dedicated Internet Leased line of 30 Mbps, connected to hundreds of terminals throughout the Campus.

Students and faculty members are free to access internet and wi-fi hot-spots. This helps the students to prepare papers on the latest technologies to be presented in various conferences, symposiums and seminars. The students can also access internet to prepare for their placement drives. Interested students who are willing to go abroad for further studies can take up tests such as GRE and TOEFL, take up online mock test and also browse through websites of various universities and centres of higher education around the world. The access speed enables the Students and Staff to download and upload files at a fast rate.

The Dhaanish Accommodation also provides separate evening slots for the Hostel students (Boys & Girls) to use internet for their Education purpose, to check their Emails and other social media access.


There is a well equipped Replica Centre at Dhaanish Ahmed Institute of Technology.

The Dhaanish Replica Centre serves the students (especially Hostelers) with very low cost specially fixed for them. The replica centre has 2 photocopying machines, 1 spiral binding machine, scanners and printers.

Students use the replica centre to print the important notes, photocopying the books and mainly for the submission of projects and mini projects. This made it easy for the students to have the work done in a pleasant way especially for the hostelers. The replica centre also sells other stationary products which are useful for the students for their academic purpose.


Hostel students of DAIT can make use of college buses, which are operated to the nearest Railway Station or Bus Stand, while going home and returning to college under special permission. Hostelers must get the requisition letter signed and produce it to the transport in-charge before boarding. Students are also provided free transportation for off-campus Placement Drives and Industrial Visits.

Emergency Ambulance Services: Students can avail Ambulance service during Medical emergency. This service can be availed by making a phone call to Information Centre or to any of the Deputy wardens available.

Rules availing Transport facilities: Students should maintain complete silence and discipline while travelling. If anybody misbehaves or makes a noise or whistles, he/she will be immediately dropped out of the bus. They will not be allowed again to board the bus. First few rows of the seats are reserved for the Girl Students, followed by staff members and then Boys students are advised to occupy the remaining seats.


  • At the time of admission of a student into the hostel and at the beginning of every year, each student is required to submit a duly completed Application Form.
  • The allotment of rooms will be made by the Deputy Warden based on the application submitted by the candidate. The student should stay in the allotted room for one complete year. The room can be re-allotted at any time with a genuine reason by getting the permission from warden.
  • The hostelers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings. They are not to keep large amounts of cash or valuables like gold, costly wristwatch etc., in their rooms. They should also take care of their purse, calculators, cell phones, laptops and books.
  • All visitors to the hostel including the parents/ guardians will have to make necessary entries in the visitor’s book available at the hostel with the warden. Guests are not to be entertained inside the room.
  • Visitors including parents are not allowed to stay overnight in the hostel without permission and all visitors should leave the campus by 6.00 P.M. Male Guests are not allowed inside the Girls hostel and Female Guests are not allowed inside the Boys hostel at any time.
  • Smoking, consumption of pan, gutka, alcohol or any intoxicating material in the hostel rooms as well as in the campus are strictly prohibited. Hostelers found violating this rule will be sent out of the hostel with no time.
  • No student should keep any fire-arms, lethal weapons, poisonous things or intoxicants of any kind in the Hostel. Students must not take law into their own hands, but must report all disputes to the hostel Warden In-charge/ Warden.
  • The inmates of the hostel should not indulge in any anti-social activities. Ragging in any form is totally banned. If any hosteler is found to be indulging in any sort of ragging, harassment to the juniors or to other fellow students, inside/ outside the campus, Mess, hostel, he/ she will be immediately dismissed from the college and also criminal action will be taken against them as per the rules and Supreme Court directives.
  • Hostelers are responsible for the maintenance of all furniture and fixtures such as cot, lights, fans, window glasses, toilet pipes and fittings etc. The hosteler should not deface the walls of the hostel building by writing or by pasting posters. If any damage is noticed, the inmates will be fined.
  • The Warden/ the Principal/ the Management has every right to cancel the hostel admission or send the boy/girl out of the hostel, if they are not satisfied with the conduct and behavior of the student.


Phone Numbers: 0422 7172080 (Girls Hostel), 0422 7172070 (Boys Hostel), 0422 7172060 (Information Centre)

Mobile Numbers: +91 83449 16000 (Principal), +91 83449 86000 (PRO), +91 83449 58000 (Estate Officer)

E-Mail IDs: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]