About The Department:

Electronics engineers work with devices that use extremely small amounts of power. They work with microprocessors, fiber optics, and in telecommunication, television, and radio and many other types of equipment

Electronics & Communication Engineering is a broad engineering field that covers important subfields such as Analog Electronics, Digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields, for example solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electric power control, robotics, and many others.

Electronics and Communication Engineering is the branch that deals with designing and testing circuits that use the electromagnetic properties of electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and transistors to achieve a particular functionality. The focus in the study programme is on understanding electronic networks and devices, electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals, as also their protection, and communication and control systems.

The department aims to develop in young technocrats, an ability to solve design oriented problems in electronic circuits and various communication systems. Specialized knowledge is imparted regarding simulation of various processes using ORCAD, MAT LAB, DSP, Microwave engineering.


To Develop Electronics & Communication Engineers who will compete well in the global market.

To produce excellent results through effective teaching and learning process.

To expose students to the field realities and recent developments through symposiums, great lecturers, in plant training and industrial visits.

To strengthen industry- Institute interaction and research activities through consultancy and sponsored research.

To mold the student into Knowledge creators and nation builders.